Google Chrome will launch a new Operating System by 2010

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“Now Microsoft WindowsTM has a real competition”. Since yesterday, I have been reading and hearing this. But is it the first time Windows TM is facing competition? Just because today Google TM has announced it, people and the experts are talking about it. Many of you will not be even aware of Ubuntu, BSD, Linux Mint, Fedora…….Any of these names sound familiar? No!!!!

You know, some of these have been out there for ages. These are already highly sophisticated, reliable and User Friendly Operating Systems which are available Free of cost. And yes, these are less prone to viruses than Windows. Installation of these OSs is like eating a sugar candy and using them is also very easy.

Now you will be ready to move to Windows 7 and you easily migrated to Windows XP, even though it had different interface than previous version of Windows. You will also be ready to experiment with Google Chrome OS. But you will not be ready to experiment with any of the other OS because you have not heard of them.

I have tried a few of them and frankly they are as good and solid as Windows. They require less advanced hardware and work faster (or equally fast) than Windows.

Just try them………


Best and fastest browser: Minefield

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I have been experimenting with lot of browsers for past 1 year. After trying many, I started using K-Meleon (later moved to KMlite, another derivative of K-Meleon) and I must admit it is blazing fast. It is a great browser indeed. It is based on Gecko.

As soon as Google Chrome was launched, I tried it but was not much impressed by it. But later almost six months after its release when I tried it, I found it really impressive. Again this web browser was blazing fast.

However, Safari 4 toppled Chrome and became the fastest. I tried it but I was not very happy with its looks and lack of support for addons. The Safari addons are usually paid. Chrome also have this problem that they do not support addons. K-meleon’s support to addons is limited only to the popular addons. (corrected: after comment by Freddie Mac).

So the hunt for a better browser was again resumed. Now I feel the search is over. Somewhere I learnt about Minefield, a nightly build from Mozilla Firefox. Let me tell you it is an unmatchable browser. Just couple it with mind blowing addons of firefox and enjoy browsing at a great speed.



  1. It is faster than almost all the browsers. I did not do any scientific testing but what I feel is that safari 4 beta, google chrome and minefield work at almost same speed. Tests say that it is second fastest after safari 4 beta.
  2. You can add n number of addons which can be installed on firefox. Just install nightly tester tool (addon) to it first. Then you can install any addon even if it is not available for installation. Just check for other versions of addons on their respective pages and install them.
  3. It can be installed portably.
  4. Change its appearance as you want.

May be you may at times compromise fractionally on speed (which you may even not notice and I haven’t noticed either) but when you use the great addons you will love it.

The final verdict is…..”Minefield is the best”



Edit: Firefox has now launched Namoroka, which is a firefox build. You may download the same.


Download Portable

Firefox (Minefield) Addons

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How to install on Minefield: Add the addons “Nightly tester tool”, then ignore version check and install any addon.

What can these addons do?

They can just give you those features to your browser you always wanted…e.g.

  1. You want your social network, gmail, yahoo etc. accounts, friends list, chat together as a side bar….use Yoono. If you only want gmail, with easy interface, use Sameplace.
  2. You want to change your theme and want it to look like chrome or any other browser or want to change to other looks use the themes addons.Screenshot - 3_11_2009 , 2_31_16 PM
  3. Still not satisfied with tweaks e.g. not able to have the tabs at top like chrome, use Stylish addon and then add chrome styles or any other global styles or site specific styles. I like to have wikipedia in dark blue and in other color so just add the styles.
  4. Integrate your gmail account, calendar, picasa etc using integrated gmail in one window. Add xoopit to directly view photos, files and videos.
  5. Block ads using adblock.
  6. Add linkedin, facebook and other accounts toolbars.
  7. Blog just from inside firefox or have a live writer icon.
  8. When you search using google every time you need to click next but if you use autopager, the next page will load automatically when you scroll down.
  9.   Download embedded videos.
  10. I can keep explaining you whole day and whole night on this, just look on the screenshot and you can make out what you can do more.

Email Clients: Spicebird

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Have you been looking for a great email client? You must have tried many but just try Spicebird and you will be taken by a surprise. Although it is in beta stage but still it is fairly stable. It integrates chat clients (gmail, yahoo etc.), Email client (based on mozilla thunderbird), calendar (which can synchronize your yahoo and other online calendars) and igoogle gadgets. This is really a great software!!

07home.preview ChatTab.preview 07calendar-month.preview


Download (portable versions also available). This link is to the parent directory and you have to look for the latest version. Cheers!!!

No need to copy all files again in case of an error: Teracopy

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Have you faced the problem that due to one error entire process of copying or moving gets terminated? Use Teracopy, which you make as default on your system for copying and moving tasks, to prevent this problem. Key features as per the site of teracopy:

  • Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.

  • Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and continue with a single click.

  • Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skips the file, not terminating the entire transfer.

  • Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.

  • Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.

  • Full Unicode support.


Remove formatting/duplicate lines etc. from copied text by keyboard shortcut: Hovtext

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Hovtext is a very small utility but is really great. It is particularly useful when you want to copy some formatted text to another software without its formatting e.g. if you have selected cells in excel and want to copy them to a table in word, if you do it in normal way you wont get good formatting. But once you remove its formatting you will have minimum trouble managing it. It has following features:

* Removes all formatting from the clipboard (removes HTML code, color and layout etc.)
* Clipboard manager that remembers the last 10 entries
* Can be installed and uninstalled (but you can choose just to copy the HovText.exe file)
* Runs on all 32 bit Windows versions (Windows 95 and above)
* Copies text only and not formels from eg. Microsoft Excel
* Can be activated or deactived via a hotkey or a single mouseclick
* Multiple users with independent settings on the same computer
* Possibility to remove identical lines
* Possibility to remove leading/trailing whitespaces or linebreaks
* Possibility to copy links only and choose linktype (movies, pictures, emails etc.)
* Possibility to specify a regular expression seachstring as a linktype
* Multiple languages – danish, dutch, english, french, german, italian, norwegian and swedish
* Possibility to delete all settings from the registry (no unnecessary mess)
* No registration or advertising (no nags)
* Freeware and open source


Best audio player and radio streamer: Aimp 2

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I have tried plenty of audio players including some of the best like winamp. However, since I tried Aimp, I have never experimented to find another alternative. Why Aimp?


  • It is absolutely free and no other version of the software is available.
  • It is small about 11 mb after installation.
  • It has very small memory footprints.
  • Support all the audio file types.
  • High quality sound….you can feel the difference.
  • Great media manager.
  • Very fast scanning of files.
  • Plays online radio streams.
  • Tons of skins.
  • Need no external support.
  • Regular updates.
  • etc…etc…etc.