Remove formatting/duplicate lines etc. from copied text by keyboard shortcut: Hovtext


Hovtext is a very small utility but is really great. It is particularly useful when you want to copy some formatted text to another software without its formatting e.g. if you have selected cells in excel and want to copy them to a table in word, if you do it in normal way you wont get good formatting. But once you remove its formatting you will have minimum trouble managing it. It has following features:

* Removes all formatting from the clipboard (removes HTML code, color and layout etc.)
* Clipboard manager that remembers the last 10 entries
* Can be installed and uninstalled (but you can choose just to copy the HovText.exe file)
* Runs on all 32 bit Windows versions (Windows 95 and above)
* Copies text only and not formels from eg. Microsoft Excel
* Can be activated or deactived via a hotkey or a single mouseclick
* Multiple users with independent settings on the same computer
* Possibility to remove identical lines
* Possibility to remove leading/trailing whitespaces or linebreaks
* Possibility to copy links only and choose linktype (movies, pictures, emails etc.)
* Possibility to specify a regular expression seachstring as a linktype
* Multiple languages – danish, dutch, english, french, german, italian, norwegian and swedish
* Possibility to delete all settings from the registry (no unnecessary mess)
* No registration or advertising (no nags)
* Freeware and open source



~ by Kush on February 6, 2009.

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