Firefox (Minefield) Addons

How to install on Minefield: Add the addons “Nightly tester tool”, then ignore version check and install any addon.

What can these addons do?

They can just give you those features to your browser you always wanted…e.g.

  1. You want your social network, gmail, yahoo etc. accounts, friends list, chat together as a side bar….use Yoono. If you only want gmail, with easy interface, use Sameplace.
  2. You want to change your theme and want it to look like chrome or any other browser or want to change to other looks use the themes addons.Screenshot - 3_11_2009 , 2_31_16 PM
  3. Still not satisfied with tweaks e.g. not able to have the tabs at top like chrome, use Stylish addon and then add chrome styles or any other global styles or site specific styles. I like to have wikipedia in dark blue and in other color so just add the styles.
  4. Integrate your gmail account, calendar, picasa etc using integrated gmail in one window. Add xoopit to directly view photos, files and videos.
  5. Block ads using adblock.
  6. Add linkedin, facebook and other accounts toolbars.
  7. Blog just from inside firefox or have a live writer icon.
  8. When you search using google every time you need to click next but if you use autopager, the next page will load automatically when you scroll down.
  9.   Download embedded videos.
  10. I can keep explaining you whole day and whole night on this, just look on the screenshot and you can make out what you can do more.


~ by Kush on March 10, 2009.

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