Best and fastest browser: Minefield

I have been experimenting with lot of browsers for past 1 year. After trying many, I started using K-Meleon (later moved to KMlite, another derivative of K-Meleon) and I must admit it is blazing fast. It is a great browser indeed. It is based on Gecko.

As soon as Google Chrome was launched, I tried it but was not much impressed by it. But later almost six months after its release when I tried it, I found it really impressive. Again this web browser was blazing fast.

However, Safari 4 toppled Chrome and became the fastest. I tried it but I was not very happy with its looks and lack of support for addons. The Safari addons are usually paid. Chrome also have this problem that they do not support addons. K-meleon’s support to addons is limited only to the popular addons. (corrected: after comment by Freddie Mac).

So the hunt for a better browser was again resumed. Now I feel the search is over. Somewhere I learnt about Minefield, a nightly build from Mozilla Firefox. Let me tell you it is an unmatchable browser. Just couple it with mind blowing addons of firefox and enjoy browsing at a great speed.



  1. It is faster than almost all the browsers. I did not do any scientific testing but what I feel is that safari 4 beta, google chrome and minefield work at almost same speed. Tests say that it is second fastest after safari 4 beta.
  2. You can add n number of addons which can be installed on firefox. Just install nightly tester tool (addon) to it first. Then you can install any addon even if it is not available for installation. Just check for other versions of addons on their respective pages and install them.
  3. It can be installed portably.
  4. Change its appearance as you want.

May be you may at times compromise fractionally on speed (which you may even not notice and I haven’t noticed either) but when you use the great addons you will love it.

The final verdict is…..”Minefield is the best”



Edit: Firefox has now launched Namoroka, which is a firefox build. You may download the same.


Download Portable


~ by Kush on March 11, 2009.

One Response to “Best and fastest browser: Minefield”

  1. what gave you the idea that k-meleon doesn’t support addons? have you even done some basic search before slapping that misleading lie about k-meleon as if it was a fact??

    go there.. see how many addons k-meleon does support:

    and by the way, k-meleon is the only gecko-based browser built with native windows api.. even though it’s a windows-only browser it will always be faster and more resposive than the other geckos built with platform-independent-memory-leaky xul

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