Google Chrome will launch a new Operating System by 2010

“Now Microsoft WindowsTM has a real competition”. Since yesterday, I have been reading and hearing this. But is it the first time Windows TM is facing competition? Just because today Google TM has announced it, people and the experts are talking about it. Many of you will not be even aware of Ubuntu, BSD, Linux Mint, Fedora…….Any of these names sound familiar? No!!!!

You know, some of these have been out there for ages. These are already highly sophisticated, reliable and User Friendly Operating Systems which are available Free of cost. And yes, these are less prone to viruses than Windows. Installation of these OSs is like eating a sugar candy and using them is also very easy.

Now you will be ready to move to Windows 7 and you easily migrated to Windows XP, even though it had different interface than previous version of Windows. You will also be ready to experiment with Google Chrome OS. But you will not be ready to experiment with any of the other OS because you have not heard of them.

I have tried a few of them and frankly they are as good and solid as Windows. They require less advanced hardware and work faster (or equally fast) than Windows.

Just try them………


~ by Kush on July 9, 2009.

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